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Our Story


My name is Bill.

Growing up my dad was a plumber and I would always be the helping hand, including fixing everything around the house and even building a barn. It was those times that I learned that I loved to work with my hands and to be proud of the ending results. I ended up joining the military and never thought that it would one day return into eventually owning my own woodworking business one day.



In 2010, I leaned about my passion for woodworking by making my first table for a big green egg after returning from deployment. It resonated the feeling of making something by hand and revisiting those feelings of being proud of your accomplishment of creating something of quality. That is when I started making items for friends and family such as corn hole boards, beds for kids, and tables for big green eggs. My passion and skill has steadily grown into making custom furniture such as trunks, shadowboxes, and dining room tables. 


In 2015, I retired from the military after 20 years of service. While having a difficult time adjusting to life outside the military in addition to moving to Atlanta, a place where I didn’t know anyone, I searched for something to fill the void. It was then, I decided to follow my dreams and start making furniture for a living.



In 2016, my wife and I had just rescued Bebe, our new terrier mix from a local shelter. Having such a love for dogs I thought about what I could make for her. While searching online at the time, I could not find any real nice dog bowl stand that my wife would approve of. So, I decided to shrink down the full-size dinning room tables I have made in the past and turn them into dog bowl stands.



The results from our dog related items has led into a full-scale business allowing me to take such pride in seeing and hearing customers reactions from my pieces. Being able to create custom items that meet the challenges of each individual customer allows me to creatively use my passion while making sure your ideas come to life.

Seeing customers’ reactions to the pieces I deliver is one of the many reasons I find such enjoyment out of woodworking. I love creating unique pieces that are not available anywhere else. Please share your experiences with my pieces. I love to hear how much you enjoy them and the reactions you get from your friends and family.